Workshop & Demonstration Details

Demonstrations usually last for about 1 – 2 hrs

  • The demonstration can be based on elements from one or more of the workshops (see list HERE) depending on the level of interest/experience of the group.

  • The general subject matter should be agreed in advance
  • Space allowed for a demonstration should be at least one 6’ tressle table (or equivalent) and if possible, two (I’m messy and always need more space)

  • The table should be protected with newspapers/plastic

  • Access to water

  • Access to an electrical socket


Workshops based on 6hrs or thereabouts (usually 10am – 4pm)

  • The subject can be customized to suit the group.   These are not ‘project’ based workshops so each workshop can be taken in many different directions through play and exploration – hence the workshop list can be used as a guide as well as a menu.
  • Any of the workshops could be extended or combined into a two day workshop.

  • Minimum numbers 12 (so there is a great variety in the work achieved and more possibilities explored  - in general so there is a greater ‘buzz’)

  • Maximum numbers 20 (more than this and it becomes a ‘bun-fight’)

  • Participants bring equipment, papers and/or fabrics (a requirements list will be provided)

  • All paints, dyes, mediums, gels etc relevant to the workshop will be provided for use on the day.

  • Ideally space allowed for the demonstration part of the workshop should be at least two 6’ trestle tables (or equivalent) and if possible, three (so that the materials used in the hands-on sessions can be placed separately from the demonstration area), but if space is tight I can work around this.

  • There should be enough room for the participants to have something like half a trestle table each (basically enough elbow room to work in) and enough space in the room move around freely and be able to get to the materials.

  • The tables should be protected with newspapers/plastic

  • Access to water and sinks for cleaning

  • Access close by to an electrical socket


 Please phone (01438 814946) or email ([email protected]) for the ART VAN GO Workshop & Demo Charges 2015