Who are we? what happens next?

This is our story, starting with the latest news, but you can find out about our beginnings further down the page.


The doors have now closed but there will be a series of
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Dare we say it - Retirement???

Don't we look different in that pic???
Although it's been a bit of a whirlwind, Viv & Kev have decided that it is time to hang up their crocs to have the opportunity to make different choices! The wind-down was planned for 2020 but we all know what happened there, so as of 2023, that wind-down is underway!!   This is the bit that we've not done before so quite how it goes will all be new territory.   

Workshops, van visits, attending shows etc all stopped dramatically with the pandemic and sadly they won't be picked up again - we had to start somewhere!   

On the other hand, we have all that stock (and there really is a lot of it) so what to do?   

The shop doors have been closed since the beginning of covid and we have been operating via the online shop and 'click & collect'.   Even when things became more relaxed, with reduced (wo)manpower, it made more sense to continue like this.

We had been announcing a series of OPEN DAYS or SALES DAYS with the doors open for anyone to pop in! These OPEN DAYS featured a range of special offers, reductions and bargains! 
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In the meantime the online shop will continue to run as normal and we will still be here in the shop even when the doors are closed to take your phone & online orders.   Visits to the shop are by arrangement - if you would like to call into the shop please contact us in advance if possible.

As things change we will be sending out newsletters and letting everyone know via the website - so watch this space! 

Anyone want to buy a van????   One careful lady owner!!!??


Who are we ?

Art Van Go started life in 1989, when Viv bought herself a van, filled it with art materials and travelled around the country to colleges, schools, and textile groups. Her mission? To 'take the art shop to the artist'. Through travelling the country, meeting artists from far and wide and building contacts, this led to the need for a solid base. And so, in 2001, Viv and her partner Kevin, bought the bricks and mortar shop in Knebworth to be able to connect all the artists they had met, and continue building the Art Van Go community!

Over the last 34 years, Art Van Go has become somewhat of an institution. An artistic hub for artists from across the country, a workshop space, gallery, and as described by many visitors as, "a bit of an Aladdin's cave" - the shop!  From winning the K&S Show's 'Retailer of the Year' in 2006, to organising the 'Artist in Action' stands at the shows themselves, Viv & Kev and their ever-widening team have made quite an impact in the world of textiles. 

Have a look through the links below to see highlights from our previous workshops, events and shows!


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Click above to see our 'Artists in Action" stand at the Knitting & Stitching Shows!


Below are just some of the kind words from both our friends and customers...

"I've said it before and I'll say it again - Carlsberg don't make artshops, but if they did.....!"


"A great inspirational place to be with fantastic friendly people. The best place I have ever found with wonderful staff and fantastic courses."


"To the lovely Viv & Kev at the great AVG ... You are so much more than an art store. Thanks for your support, friendship and advice."


"Thank you so much for an amazing refuge from normal life!"


"Fantastic shop full of wonderfully tempting bits and pieces, books, mags. Not to mention truly inspiring workshops!"


"You rock my world!"