Workshop List Template

10th Wed In Residence   Various
11th & 12th Thurs & Fri Following a Thread 2 Days Bobby Britnell
24th Wed Marvellous Metallics   Jo Mabbutt
25th Thurs Mandala Collage   Holly Blake
26th Fri Soldered Book Cover   Alex Waylett
1st - 5th Tues - Sat ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 5 Days Maggie Grey
8th & 9th Tues & Wed Interior Landscapes 2 Days Sarah Burgess
10th & 11th Thurs & Fri Exploring Velvet 2 Days Angie Hughes
12th Sat Using the Sewing Machine as a Pencil   Nodeen Salmon
18th Fri Beginners Felt-making   Clare Bullock
19th Sat Painting with Watercolours   Jill Winch
22nd & 23rd Tues & Wed Metal Magic 2 Days Lynda Swaine
31st Thurs Wired to Cloth & Stitch   Pauline Verrinder
1st Fr In Residence   Various
6th Wed Portrait Painting with Pastels   Vanessa Bryson
7th Thurs An Introduction to Lino Cut Printing    Anna Pye
8th & 9th  Fri & Sat Black & White 2 Days  Frances Pickering
12th & 13th Tues & Wed Embossed Surfaces in Felt 2 Days  Jeanette Appleton
14th & 15th  Thurs & Fri Collecting Colours 2 Days  Alice Fox
16th Sat Coptic Binding   Edel Hopkins
19th & 20th Tues & Wed Reflections 2 Days Amanda Hislop
21st Thurs Create Printed Layers   Clive Barnett
23rd Sat  Watersoluble Sparkly Flowers   Alex Waylett
27th & 28th Wed & Thurs Less is More 2 Days Amanda Clayton
30th Sat Hand Embroidered Rockery Garden    Nodeen Salmon
4th Weds Paint with Stitch   Gina Ferrari
5th & 6th  Thurs & Fri Play with Print 2 Days Alison Hulme 
10th Tues Drawing    Suzy Drake
11th Wed Marvellous Monoprinting   Maria Boyle
12th & 13th Thurs & Fri Goldwork Lizard Brooch 2 Days  Georgina Bellamy
14th  Sat  Flower Pounding & Trapping   Linda Rudkin
17th & 18th Tues & Wed  Trailing Stories 2 Days Brenda Parsons
19th & 20th Thurs & Fri  Nuno Felt Making 2 Days Clare Bullock
21st Sat Indigo Dyed Shibori   Janice Gunner
24th & 25th Tues & Wed Introduction to Polymer Clay 2 Days Debbie Carlton
26th Thurs Exploring Stuff   Viv Arthur
3rd & 4th Fri & Sat  The Summer Gathering   Various 
8th Wed Play Around!   N/A
9th Thurs Drypoint Etching   Tania Durrant
Remaining dates in June have been given over to 'From the Earth'.
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5th & 6th Tues & Wed  Screen Play 2 Days Lynda Monk
7th & 8th Thurs & Fri  Love Your Gelli 2 Days Alison Hulme
9th Sat  Make Your Mark   Clive Barnett
12th & 13th Tues & Wed Lines & Layers in Felt 2 Days Jeanette Appleton
14th Thurs  Stitched Graffiti Art   Gina Ferrari
15th Fri  Butterflies, Bees & Insects   Jill Winch
16th Sat  From Sketchbook to Wax, Ink, Design   Pauline Verrinder
20th to 22nd Wed to Fri SUMMER SCHOOL - Sea Fever 3 Days Angie Hughes
26th & 27th Tues & Wed Or Nue 2 Days Anthea Godfrey
28th Thurs Drawing   Suzy Drake
2nd & 3rd Tues & Wed Sticky & Shiny 2 Days Kim Thittichai
17th to 20th Wed to Sat SUMMER SCHOOL - Land Lines 4 Days Amanda Hislop
24th Wed Accessorize in Felt 2 Days Clare Bullock
25th & 26th Thurs & Fr Mixed Media Playdays 2 Days Lynda Monk
31st & 1st Wed & Thurs  Stitching Between the Lines 2 Days Julia Triston
2nd Fri Sculptural Stitched Papers   Brenda Parsons
6th to 8th Tues to Thurs Drawing the Line 3 Days  Bobby Britnell
9th & 10th Fri & Sat Exploring Batik 2 Day  Jenny O'Leary
13th to 15th Tues & Wed  Warm Colours, Fallen Leaves 3 Days Nodeen Salmon
20th to 22nd Tues to Thurs Vanilla Essence 3 Days Amanda Clayton
24th Sat Waiting for the Tide   Clive Barnett
27th Tues Drawing   Suzy Drake
28th Wed  Laminated Stitch   Alex Waylett
12th & 13th Wed & Thurs Paper Transformations 2 Days Amanda Hislop
14th  Fri In Residence   Various
18th & 19th Tues & Wed Advanced Eco Dyeing 2 Days Caroline Bell
20th to 22nd Thurs to Sat Positively Medieval 3 Days  Frances Pickering
25th Tues Monoprinting on Cloth   Maria Boyle
26th & 27th Wed & Thurs Vain Devices 2 Days Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
28th Fri Botanical in Pen & Wash   Jill Winch
1st & 2nd Tues & Wed Meltingly Beautiful Beads 2 Days Lynda Swaine
3rd Thurs Introduction to Lino Printing   Anna Pye
5th Sat Metallics for Textiles   Jo Mabbutt
8th to 10th Tues to Thurs A New Starting Point 3 Days Kim Thittichai
11th Fri Stitched Graffiti Art   Gina Ferrari
15th to 17th Tues to Thurs Creative Paperworks 3 Days Ruth Issett
18th & 19th Fri & Sat Natural Progression 2 Days Pauline Verrinder
1st & 2nd Thurs & Fri Colourful Contrasts for Felt 2 Days Jeanette Appleton 
6th & 7th Tues & Wed Memory Keepers 2 Days Lynda Monk
9th & 10th Fri & Sat Christmas 'Bizarre'   Various