• Maximum numbers for workshops is 12 unless otherwise stated. Some subjects will need more space per person so the maximum numbers will be reduced accordingly - this will be stated in the workshop description.
  • Each workshop will run from 10am to 4 pm (unless otherwise stated)
  • The Studios will be open from 9am (unless otherwise stated) to welcome you to the workshop, and will remain open at the end of the day for as long as is reasonably required - so there should be no panics!
  • Please do not arrive before 9am as we may still be setting up the workshop space.
  • Limited parking is available at The Studios (10 cars). Once our area is full, side road parking is available a short walk away. Drop off equipment first.
  • We are situated on the B197 between Welwyn and Stevenage. Knebworth mainline station (the Kings Cross line) is 5mins walk from The Studios.
  • If B&B accommodation is required, please let us know. We have lists of B&B’s in different price ranges and localities, including one or two within walking distance
  • A list of equipment to bring with you will either be enclosed with the confirmation or, if it is not yet available from the tutor, it will be sent on nearer the date. You will not be expected to buy any specialist equipment ahead of the day - specialist materials will be included in the workshop cost wherever possible - many of the requirements will be available from Art Van Go should you wish to invest further.
  • NB Apart from when you attend a ‘machine embroidery for beginners’ workshop, it will be assumed that where you are required to bring your own sewing machine that you know how to use it.