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Lock-In Workshops 2020

We are very sorry to announce that, due ot the Coronovirus outbreak and the recommendations from the Government and the Dept of Health, all planned workshops have been cancelled until further notice.

Workshops may be reinstated as and when suggested restrictions are lifted.   All updates will be announced by email.   To be kept up-to-date, please add your name to our mailing list.

This workshop programme has been intentionally called the 'Lock-In' series because they will, with just one or two exceptions, take place while the shop is closed to the general public - Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

The workshops will be released in consecutive chunks as the details for each workshop is finalised.
Notification of the releases will be sent out by email.
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All workshops are held at ART VAN GO and run from 10am to 4pm

The maximum numbers on a workshop is normally 12, but some workshops listed here have the maximum reduced to a lower number to accommodate the greater demand for space for particular subjects.
Where this is the case, a note has been added to the workshop details.

Booking is by phone, or in person, only
Tel: 01438 814946
Queries about availability can be made by phone or by email.

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The first three workshops above have been available to book since Tuesday 28th Jan

Further workshops listed below with full details have just been released and we will commence taking bookings on
Thursday 20th Feb at 10am

As workshops are released email notification will be sent to let you know.
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Mixed Media Sketchbook Techniques

Two Day Workshop: Tues 18th & Wed 19th February

We are so excited to welcome Sue Brown to Art Van Go for the first time. Well-known within printmaking circles Sue has only relatively recently swept into the textile world with her appearance in Maggie Grey's WOW Book 4. You'll be pleased to know that this workshop will, of course, involve her signature Gum Arabic Transfer technique!

Tutor: Sue Brown

This two-day workshop will guide you through a series of mixed media techniques on paper.
Learn to use a variety of layered processes. Experiment with mark making using acrylic paint, ink and bleach. Explore the use of gum arabic transfer printing as a creative tool using the humble photocopy as your print-plate.

Over two days you will create several sheets of delicious textures and marks to create a four-page sample booklet and explore your creativity. Learn how to beat that blank page syndrome that strikes us down as soon as we open a new sketch book.

Cost: £105.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

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Explore the Potential of the Embellisher

One Day Workshop: Sat 29th February

Tutor: Pauline Verrinder

Discover the potential of the Embellisher as another tool to contribute to the diversity of the textile artist.

A day of challenges and experimentation to discover the endless possibilities the Embellisher presents for creating and constructing unique fabrics. We will embellish using various combinations of fabrics, threads, and fibres, to create fabric which becomes a unique foil for stitch. It is essential that you bring an Embellisher with you or have a needlefelting attachment for your sewing machine.

Cost: £38.00

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Another artist to be featured in Maggie Grey's WOW Books - this time in the current WOW Book 5 where Jenny O'Leary shows some of the techniques used in this workshop in the Provencal Landscape demonstration.    

Shadows & Reflections Batik on Tissue

Two Day Workshop: Wed 4th & Thurs 5th March

Tutor: Jenny O'Leary

Using the theme of shadows & reflections and the beautiful distortions & designs nature creates in this form, you will explore the exciting marks and effects created by using different types of resist – batik (hot wax), oil pastels, cold wax resist and stencils.

With tissue paper and paper as the base you will work with these resists, inks and bleach. You will also explore the use of a wide range of traditional and non-traditional tools to apply the hot wax. Many samples will be developed as well larger pieces. Some of the papers created can be used to develop collaged images and designs by cutting, tearing, selecting and composing. The work will be suitable for further development by adding stitch at a later date.

Cost: £98.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 10

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More Experimenting with Nuno Felt

Two Day Workshop: Tues 10th & Wed 11th March

Tutor: Clare Bullock

Explore the technique of 'nuno' felt - a fabric produced by combining diaphanous fabrics and wool fibre. You will be encouraged to experiment with the techniques and, having discovered the creative potential and possible effects of the cloth produced, you will go on to explore the almost limitless textures and surfaces that can be created by sampling all sorts of different combinations of fibre and fabric. Using Clare's techniques your finished pieces will be full of interest while retaining complete surface integrity.

Cost: £76.00 (inc £6.00 materials charge)

Booking for this workshop commences on Thursday 20th Feb at 10am

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Exploring Colour with Felt & Stitch

Two Day Workshop: Wed 18th & Thurs 19th March

Tutor: Jeanette Appleton

Discover the surprise of combining colour-mixes with stitch at each stage of the felt making process.

Exploring the intensities of colour using dyed wool tops can create various degrees of vibrancies or depths of greys. These different scales of colour or grey areas within the composition will be considered with the use of pre-felts before fully felting.
Hand-stitching with coloured threads creates interesting marks and texture, while seeding and running stitch with various thread types into pre-felts will distort after fully felting. Yet more interesting effects can also be achieved by stitching into the finished felted cloth.

These pieces will become the ideas for future work or a small finished item, depending on what emerges through the process. Individual guidance will be available to extend your personal approach and development.

Cost: £137.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 10

Booking for this workshop commences on Thursday 20th Feb at 10am

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Amanda Clayton is passionate about the purity of cloth and thread. She enjoys a positive studio atmosphere of encouraging students and identifying their individual strengths whilst supporting an informed working process. She feels working primarily in neutrals can put the emphasis on elements that can ordinarily be overlooked.

Fragile Forms

Three Day Workshop: Tues 24th to Thurs 26th March

Tutor: Amanda Clayton

The aim of the workshop is to explore the qualities of cloth and hand stitch in a neutral palette with particular emphasis on ‘flat’ to ‘form’.
SPACE TENSION WEIGHT MOVEMENT SUSPENSION TRANSLUCENCY FRAGILITY TOUCH STRENGTH STRETCH   These are just a few of the elements that will be challenged by being creative with bias, shaping, construction, right side/wrong side and the course is very much about experimenting and taking risks.   You may not go away with resolved pieces but you will have lots of ideas to develop back in your studio.

Responding to primary source.
Recognising the process of developing concept, imagery and qualities.
Working with the inherent qualities of cloth.
Using hand stitch as a functional element.
Rediscovering techniques in a new context especially three dimensions.
Understanding your own individual visual language.

Cost: £140.00 

Booking for this workshop commences on Thursday 20th Feb at 10am

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Chasing More Print & Stitch Shadows

Two Day Workshop: Wed 1st & Thurs 2nd April

Tutor: Sarah Burgess

This workshop will push ideas further and build on previous Layering Print and Transparency and Chasing Shadows workshops but will also be suitable for those new to print and working with semi-transparent materials. We will explore transparency and layering using a range of experimental print methods, stitch and applique using hand/machine stitch as the student prefers. Participants will work with a range of semi-transparent surfaces in paper and fabric to produce complex incidental layered images which explore shifting and fleeting shadows. Working from the student’s own imagery, such as plant and tree forms, human and animal figures, water and reflections or man-made structures we will produce a range of highly individual and atmospheric pieces culminating in more resolved personal work, supported by individual tutorials.

Cost: £135.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 8

Booking for this workshop commences on Thursday 20th Feb at 10am

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The author of two contemporary textile books - 'How to be Creative in Textile Art' and 'Contemporary Applique' - Julia Triston has a passion for stitching and creating art from cloth.

A recent home move to Denmark means that Julia is no longer as available for workshops here in the UK.   This is a great opportunity to catch her!

Contemporary Fabric Manipulation

Two Day Workshop: Tues 7th & Wed 8th April

Tutor: Julia Triston

Try out several techniques of manipulating fabric including ruching, knotting, stuffing, rolling, tucking and twisting In this two-day workshop. The techniques will be explored through hand stitch and worked in neutral coloured fabrics (with some paper and paint) so that the contrasts of raised and textured surfaces will clearly be seen. These ways of working with cloth are very versatile and can be applied to any project (eg fashion, interiors, jewellery and embroidery) and to any scale and dimension. Leave the workshop with a series of practical samples or mini works of art.

Cost: £112.00 (inc £2.00 materials charge) 

Booking for this workshop commences on Thursday 20th Feb at 10am

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The workshops above had been released and more were to be announced to expand on the tutor & date list we have below.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there were no further releases.

If and when the restrictions are lifted the workshops will come back online and as the details are added they will become available to book.

Email notification will be sent to let you know.
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Derek Wood

Two Day Workshop: Wed 15th & Thurs 16th April

Amanda Hislop

Two Day Workshop: Tues 21st & Wed 22nd April

Lynda Monk

Two Day Workshop: Wed 29th & Thurs 30th April

Heather Miller

One Day Workshop: Wed 6th May

Debbie Lyddon

Two Day Workshop: Wed 13th & Thurs 14th May

Alice Fox

Two Day Workshop: Tues 19th & Wed 20th May

Gina Ferrari

Two Day Workshop: Wed 27th & Thurs 28th May

Anna Pye

One Day Workshop: Thurs 4th June

Nodeen Salmon

One Day Workshop: Tues 9th June

Alison Hulme

Two Day Workshop: Wed 17th & Thurs 18th June

Mary McIntosh

One Day Workshop: Thurs 25th June