The Mobile Shop

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This is where it all started back in 1989.   The idea was to take a mobile art materials shop to colleges and art / textile art societies etc carrying all sorts of fabulous products – the sort of things that probably wouldn’t be found in the college art shop or even in a normal high street art shop.    And then that’s how we came up with the name – to carry art materials in a van and go places – ART VAN GO!!! 

These days the ART VAN GO van is regularly to be seen parked outside The Studios, the building we have been working from since 2001.   But we still take the van out to lots of different venues – art societies, textile groups, weekend courses and summer schools etc.   In our 25 plus years, we have taken the van as far north as Inverness, and as far south as Truro. 

An ART VAN GO Mobile Art Shop visit is usually arranged well in advance with the group, guild or course organiser.   A visit can take the form of – 

Mobile Art Shop
A way of providing a temporary ‘on-site’ art shop for a group or a course.   This is dependent on size of group and distance from Knebworth. 

Demonstration & Mobile Art Shop
The van visit is accompanied by a demonstration of materials and techniques usually lasting from one to one and a half hours.   This can be day-time or evenings.   The theme of the demonstration is tailored to the group’s requirements. 
There is a charge for the demonstration, plus mileage. 
The mobile shop is opened at a convenient time after the demonstration.

Workshop & Mobile Art Shop
A full workshop of one or two days (usually from 10am – 4pm) is the main event.   The subject of the workshop – involving paints/dyes/textile/fabrics/papers/gels/print techniques etc – can be chosen from the workshop list, or it can be customised to suit.
All of the materials to be explored are provided.
The workshop is charged per head, plus mileage. 
The mobile shop is opened at a convenient time during or after the workshop.

For details of the demonstration and workshop charges click HERE
For details of the workshop list, click HERE.