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ART VAN GO started life in 1989 purely as a mobile art shop, so quite naturally, we have travelled extensively around the UK over the years.   The first ART VAN GO van managed a staggering 750,000 miles in just 12 years!!

van at ss 1 van at ss 2 van at ss 3

We still operate the mobile art shop, and although we are not on the road as much as those first twelve years before we took on premises, we still take the van to guilds, groups, societies, residential courses etc.   For bigger events, such as Summer Schools, we set up for the day with stocks of all kinds - more than could fit into the ART VAN GO van alone - as you can see in the photos above.

For group or guild visits, the stock is tailored to the requirements and we operate from the van alone which is kitted out with cupboards, shelving and racking that displays the materials.

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