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Venue: ART VAN GO, The Studios
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Thin Places

An exhibition of work by
Gill Ayre  and Caryl Beach 

Tues 22nd January - Saturday 23rd February 2019

Gill Ayre
Caryl Beach

Thin Places are places where the veil between the temporal and the spiritual worlds are tissue thin, and in such places, we may be able to experience glimpses of the spiritual dimension.
Artists Gill Ayre and Caryl Beach explore what this means to them in their work.   Always rooted in their experience of landscape, their work touches on these shifts in perception, where mundanity gives way to mystery.

‘Moors, marshlands and mountains are places where I can feel a shift in my experience of the world, places of dissemblance and mystery. 

Moors are places where we can lose ourselves in the vast, open, windswept spaces, and experience a sense of our own insignificance.   

Marshlands are transitional, threshold places, where substance becomes insubstantial, where earth melts into water.

Mountains, shrouded in mist and cloud, are places of mystery, are often seen as spiritual places, where we can glimpse something of the eternal.

Places where you can lose yourself, in both senses of the word - these are my inspirations.’

Gill Ayre

 ‘Landscape:  where land meets sea is my thin place. A calm, mysterious and sometimes overwhelmingly powerful place.

A place of wonderment and inspiration where the elements of nature vie for dominance.

My work in video, photography and mixed media strive to represent the transient and enigmatic nature of our world, whose beauty lies in imperfection and impermanence. ‘ 

Caryl Beach